OD Pavilion – May 30th, 2015


Thanks for coming out to the OD Pavilion – Thanks H LEE BROWN for everything you have done for Midnight Allie!

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  1. Saturday, July 18th, my two sons, ages 19 & 21 stopped by the OD Pavilion for our annual visit, before heading back home to Winston-Salem. Shortly after arriving, Midnight Allie began their show, so we decided to stay and hear the 1st few songs. The band and show were so good that we ended up staying for all 3 sets, over 4 hours. We did not want to leave as we were all enjoying the music! The Adele song that ended sets 2 & 3 was an unbelievable performance! We are now big fans of Midnight Allie, as a result of seeing our 1st show last weekend! I have seen many good beach bands over the past 35-40 years, but I would rank Midnight Allie very high on my list! The show could not have been better!


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